How We Ride


Monthly Rides & Events

Here in Florida we have at least two scheduled Lunch/Brunch Rides every month where folks ride (or drive!) to meet up for lunch or brunch at some quaint location. We move the locations around and find interesting, enjoyable places with good food and not-too-pricey menus. It's not at all uncommon for members to ride 200 miles to make a lunch/brunch, though there are opportunities for shorter rides as well. It's a great way to meet other riders (and we hope to build our membership numbers!). As our membership increases, we can add even more events in the future. Although considered "Rides to Eat", the real focus is on the riding - the eating is just an excuse to get out and ride! 

Our Rides

MSTA Florida Lunch/Brunch Rides are always open to anyone (no membership required), and we welcome all brands/types of bikes.  If you are considering making any of the rides, we suggest you call the contact ahead of time to confirm the ride is still on as listed. NOTE: Event schedule subject to change without notice. Please be sure to confirm event dates and times before committing to plans.

Florida MSTA Events Calendar